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April 2017

Unsafe on Any Campus?

Unsafe on Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can ... by Samuel R. Staley
Unsafe on Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do about It
by Samuel R. Staley, Ruth Krug (Foreword)


Rocky Moore‘s review

Apr 27, 2017  ·  edit

I read this book over a series of lunch duty stints at a public high school, making the issue of college campus sexual assault all the more poignant as I observed teens navigating their way through supervised social situations. Staley not only captures the current campus culture these teens will enter in a no-holds-barred manner for this emotionally-charged topic, but offers viable methods for tackling endemic actions and attitudes these young adults will face, both individually and systemically.

I recommend this book particularly for parents of students about to enter the collegiate arena and for those colleges not already addressing these very real, damaging situations proactively.

Alabama Book Festival 2017


I had a great time on a gorgeous day meeting cartoon characters, costumed authors, and droves of folks strolling the aisles at the festival.  Four different venues featured a variety of author readings, workshops, and activities.  We were fortunate to have a booth just steps away from the main speaking area and the shortcut to the food court, so there was plenty of foot traffic our way.

It was tough smelling that fine BBQ from the food truck all day.  I could not resist the roasted corn and enjoyed a piping hot ear!  They also had a gourmet popsicle truck.  I couldn’t resist that, either.

The highlight of the day (aside from schmoozing up to Clifford the Big Red Dog) was getting to visit with my son, who attends a nearby college.  He brought chicken fingers!  Things slowed down considerably once game time arrived.  The annual University of Alabama A-Day game was Saturday as well.

Here’s the official info for you:


Southern Yellow Pine Publishing appeared at the Alabama Book Festival April 22, 2017, bringing along 3 authors:  Pat Stanford, Ken Johnson, and me.  Visit to purchase  books.  Use Rocky’s Buy Clemenceau’s Daughters button above for a direct link where you’ll be able to find all three of these books.

Pat Stanford:  Fixing Boo-Boo, an emotional look at the trials and triumphs of a family caring for a loved one suffering from traumatic brain injury.  (creative nonfiction)

Ken Johnson:  Unbroken Circles for Schools, a comprehensive plan for restorative justice (education)

Rocky Porch Moore:  Clemenceau’s Daughters,  winner of  3 FAPA President’s Awards for horror, general fiction, and literary fiction- a southern gothic romp across generations where the sins of the mothers cling to the daughters. (fiction)




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