Month: January 2018

Death Kindly Stopped

A particularly gruesome death befell me last night. Robert Frost said, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.” I’m not much of a poet, but the same applies for your friendly neighborhood horror writer: no fear in the writer, no fear in the reader.

Taking a Curative

Graduate-level writing instruction fired my imagination, while real-life actual intellectual discussion about the craft of writing…discussion with egos, politics, and the minutiae of daily responsibilities held in suspense for just a few days amongst a community of authors–this is the stuff new years are made of!

Taking a Curative

    Aside from watching the 12 (I kid you not) tutorials on how to use a planner book to get my life into full focus, I did not indulge in any throw-out-the-old-bring-in-the-new rituals in that glorious blank space between Christmas and New Year’s.  Okay, I did draw out a Dave Ramsey style debt snowball …

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