I’m a sucker for a good infomercial, but rarely do I actually order a product off the TV.  I’m not down with that “just pay separate shipping and handling” line even if I can get not one, but two doohickies for the low, low price of $19.95.  I also have enough sense to know that not every product can be as gloriously practical as the Vidalia Chop Wizard. I’ve had three of those over the years.  Two of them some foolish person let go in a yard sale for $1 apiece. What a bargain! So, you’ll understand that I hold my ASoTV purchases to a rather high standard and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Back in the day, the outlet mall had a store specializing in ASoTV products.  Despite my loyal patronage, it went out of business. Now, Walmart has an end cap dedicated to these madcap, offbeat products that speak to my heart.  I gave in to temptation just the other day, springing for the Tac Visor. I’d just seen the commercial on TV on the way out the door. For $14.95, how could I miss this fine opportunity to eliminate road glare?

When it comes to ASoTV, sometimes you score the Vidalia Chop Wizard of wonder and sometimes you just wonder how many other suckers are out there.  First off, my short-bodied self had to stretch to be tall enough to look through the Tac Visor while driving. This worked best on cruise control since I basically had to choose between looking through the visor or mashing the gas pedal.  I couldn’t do both at the same time.

The Tac Visor has two settings, or more accurately, two different colors of plastic to help with day glare or those awful halogen headlights.  The day one is yellow. If cutting glare means looking at the world as if you’re peering underwater through the public kiddie pool at the end of a  summer day, then the Tac Visor is the gadget for you. Everything takes on a jaundiced, urine-like hue. The night vision setting just makes things darker, kind of like wearing sunglasses in the gloom.

Despite this less-than-glowing review, I will say that the Tac Visor did indeed cut the blinding glare of the afternoon sun as I cruised westward down the interstate.  I don’t know, maybe if I fashioned some suspenders for the Tac Visor so that it hangs low enough for me to see through during normal driving conditions, I could get used to looking through pee-colored plastic.  

Hmmm.  I wonder if anyone else would buy a pair of sun visor suspenders?

Rocky Rates It

2/5  ★★   One star for a great commercial and one for it working in at least one situation.

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