The Author Life

Lessons, challenges, and observations for those pursuing the writing craft and business

Students Meet the Author Q & A

The Literary Club of Andalusia High School joined creative writers from Foley Middle School for a workshop on writer’s craft and a roundtable discussion about pursuing the dream of becoming a writer.

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A Solitary Daffodil

If you wanna fiddle with writing, you gotta have a “pen” in your hand. It takes a lot of hours, determination, and brain sweat to coax a ream’s worth of words into coherence; that’s why it’s a craft.

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Rocking Your Reading

If you want to know how it sounds, you’ve got to read your stuff out loud. Reading your work in front of a live audience can be nerve-wracking, but absolutely nothing helps you understand syntax, inflection, and pacing better than oral reading.

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