Curse Words

It ain’t fittin’; it just ain’t fittin.’

A good friend tweaked my nose by passing along a post about some teacher allowing his students to use expletives in his classroom and how the dude argued some weak-as-water pedagogically circumspect poppycock as to why that ought to be just peachy. Even after I got over my “Don’t try to tell me how language works when you’re posting a multi-error article, Buck-O” prejudices, I found myself wanting to take this fellow down a notch or two by completely dismantling his assertions then washing his mouth out with soap.

I slept on it. I re-read the article. I’m taking the Nancy Reagan approach by just saying NO. Since I make it a practice not to mix my school-marming with my blogging, I’m going to write about how I feel regarding cussin’. Now, you may or may not agree with me. I may even ruffle a few feathers. So be it.

I refrain from cussin’. Well, to my shame, I do use the words suck and crap all too often. They are not ladylike and I should do better. I’ve been guilty of cutting somebody down so low they had to roll their socks down to see many a time. Oh, I can talk ugly and I’ll have a LOT of explaining to do to the Lord some day, but there won’t be any cussin’ involved. If you ever hear me drop an F bomb, I am desperately signaling for help.

I find it distasteful when grown women cuss. I find it disrespectful when grown men cuss. I sure as heck don’t think cussin’ is appropriate in a classroom. Even in strictly social situations, I’m inwardly cringing when the expletives fly. Is this prudish? Perhaps, but if you could hear my internal monologue, you’d know I’m controlling my tongue like a lion-tamer let loose on safari. It’s more a matter of common sense and self-preservation than letting off steam.

Some of the characters in my books cuss a blue streak. I struggle with that. I don’t really want to hear folks–even fictitious ones–use foul language. Yet, I write it in. From an author’s perspective, the versatility of the F word is quite remarkable. It can function aptly as 4 parts of speech and arguably as the rest. Check out this F word article if you’re interested in the grammar of the ultimate ugly word:

Don’t think I don’t see the irony at play here. I remember Rhett Butler laughing at a young Scarlet O’Hara. “You little hypocrite! You don’t mind my knowing about (pantalettes), just my talking about them.” Yep, that’s about fittin’!

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