This weekend we celebrated our 28th year of wedded bliss with our usual flurry of May activity. We kicked off the festivities with dancing. Well, watching dancing to be exact. Nothing says true love like chaperoning a middle school dance. The hormones were so thick you could smell them, or maybe that was the Axe the pubescent boys apparently showered in while getting ready to mingle awkwardly for two and a half hours of adult purgatory.

Do you remember the Chuck E. Cheese days and that feeling of being trapped in some otherworldly dimension of noise, greasy pizza, and the almost overpowering scent of dirty socks? Add the first bloom of love and 200 kids doing the Cha Cha Slide in a darkened cafeteria. You bet that ear-splitting “Yee-Haw!” breaks through the din every few minutes. Just like at the Chucker, the middle school dance is a labyrinth of youthful extremes all at maximum volume. There ought to be a chaperone betting pool on the number of squallers, would be Casanovas, and general come-aparts.

Next up on our anniversary weekend list was a relaxing day working cattle, repairing fences, and the like. “Happy anniversary! Would you like to help de-worm the cows?” This is the kind of romance ever afters are made of. Many folks celebrate their anniversary with a fancy, intimate dinner. We achieved the fancy part with a private banquet, a high school awards banquet.

In hindsight, a May wedding may not have been the best option for a couple who chose lives that would operate according to a school calendar. We were ready and raring to get hitched so we could get on to tag-teaming an attempt to make a difference, make a mark, or make a future. 28 years, thousands of students and athletes, 2 grown kids, 2 more who are just about grown, a passel of critters, and a boatload of memories later… we’re still a team.

Looks like we’re in this for the long haul.

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  1. Spent many a night chaperoning a junior high school dance. They danced and then split – boys to one side of the gym and girls to the other until the next song when they met in the middle and danced.

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