a baby pecan
A line of baby pecan trees ready to make a grove

The Ryans (our sextet of goslings) are loving these cool, rainy days in early June.  They’re honking and carrying on as the droplets pitter off the porch roof of the Muse, door flung wide to let in the damp breeze.  Our backyard is better than green.  I believe the word is verdant…you know, that kind of green that sinks down into your soul and fills you with promise as if the scorching onslaught of August is a world away.

The farm is rarely truly quiet.  Aside from the Ryans, Captain Kirk the rooster is crowing for all he’s worth.  The wild birds in the trees are singing, chirping and dive-bombing one of the cats who must’ve wandered a bit too close to a nest.  The guineas are socializing and Jack the Ass brays every once in awhile to announce all is well.

If you listen, you understand the farm language.  The timbre of Jack’s bray shifts if he’s sounding the driveway alarm.  Daisy the cow often joins him if someone’s approaching.  You can almost hear the grass growing!

The evenings have been pleasant so far this summer, too.  We spent the cool after suppertime this week working on the new pecan orchard.  If my count is accurate, we’ll have a 30 tree orchard.  Russ used string and a tape measure to form a planting grid so that the trees will be evenly spaced in straight rows.  He dug holes with his new backhoe implement and loaded up the front end loader with fill dirt.  Each hole gets a big bag of potting soil, some fill, a baby pecan tree, and a protective layer of straw.  My job is to drive the tractor from hole to hole as Russ plants.  The girls give the new trees a good watering.  Of course, they have great fun squirting each other as well.

A well-maintained pecan orchard is a thing of beauty,  where you can admire the rows on the straights or on the diagonals.  If I’ve ever liked an aspect of geometry, this is it!  When the trees are mature, they cast a uniform shade, and, of course, give us delicious pecans!

So, be sure to mark your calendars.  If all goes well, Moore’s Creek Farm will take its place in the pecan belt of the world round about 2027.

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