Creepy Doll
Creepy Doll
High school artist gives doll a much-needed face.

The creepy doll who rides shotgun to book festivals with me, mainly because I’m too much of a chicken to put her in the backseat, has gotten a new look.  She was scary enough without a face, but now she’s positively terrifying!  She attracts quite a bit of attention at the kiosk and now she may inspire nightmares as well.  That’s the idea, you know… a little added curb appeal for those horror fans out there.

Little Debbie Ballard hates dolls.  She hates dolls because they talk to her in the night, and they don’t make for pleasant conversationalists.  I found this beauty of a spooky doll sitting in a child’s desk outside a country thrift shop.  She was dressed in pink organza with lace, but needed a fashion update.  I found her just the right duds in the toddler section of Walmart, but lacked the artistic skill to grant her a face.  My first attempt involved candy pieces and hot glue, but the Louisiana Book Festival proved way too hot.  The doll came home minus an eye, making her look more run-down than scary.   I needed the doll to take on a more sinister attitude that wouldn’t melt off in a hot car because frankly,  this thing is not welcome in my house.

Student Kenzie Jones came to the rescue by painting this fantastic visage on the doll.  I wanted it to look, well, dead.  Let’s just say the creep factor has gone WAY up for this eye-catcher.

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