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Back by popular demand…seriously, well over 20 people have told me they miss the farm reports, and maybe only 3 were related to me…it’s the farm blog.  I promised I’d get back into the swing of posting about our experiences here at Moore’s Creek Farm as soon as school got out good, so I’m making good on that promise.  Go ahead and subscribe to  and I’ll be sure to dish all the manure on farm living .

Think of me kind of like Pioneer Woman, only I’m right here at home, hold down a full time teaching job, write creepy books, AND take care of chickens. I don’t have a line of cookware or home goods at Walmart, but they do carry my novel…so there!   I’m not as handy with a camera, but I can hold my own with PW as a cook.   I can even do it without a six figure kitchen!  You’ll just have to trust me on that since I haven’t published any cookbooks yet.  It’s hard to pin down recipes when you refuse to measure and cook by “feel”.  I’ve got a Boston Butt in the oven right now.  It’s been slow roasting all day and is flavor-packed with a  homemade dry rub I massaged into it this morning after shaving a good deal of fat off it. Later this evening, I’ll pull that pork–which came from a pig we raised right here at Moore’s Creek Farm–and freezer bag it for multiple BBQ meals in the coming months.

We’ve been working on ramping up our fruit game this spring.  Russ (that’s my husband) planted several satsumas, sweet kumquats, meyer lemons, and ruby red grapefruit trees around the perimeter of our backyard.  We already have two established satsumas, a fig tree, and a scuppernong arbor teeming with young fruit.  Russ also put in a stand of raspberry canes.  Our blueberries and peaches haven’t done worth a hang since we’ve lived here on the farm.  I think he plans to take a do-over on those in the near future.  He’s having a blast planting things because he got himself a tractor with a front end loader and a backhoe.  If you need a hole dug, give him a call.

My addition to all this fruit tree planting was to make cute little signs to identify the trees. It was a tough 15 minutes! That way, if I can’t tell a grapefruit from a kumquat, I’ll have a sign.  It pays to be organized!  Of course, I’ll get to have all sorts of fun making jams, jellies, marmalades, and disinfectants when the fruit comes in.

Be sure to tell your friends that the farm blog is back in business, and thank you for reading.

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  1. Yay! I had a meyer lemon tree when I lived in Dallas. I gifted it to my sister when I moved to Arkansas because it’s too cold in the Ozark Mountains for such plants. In little sister fashion, she let it died, but alas, Meyer somehow had a baby and lives on. I’m excited to follow your farm tales, from one farm girl to another…

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