With a children’s book, two novels, and several hundred essays under my belt, there’s a tender place in my heart for writing.  I’ve met all sorts of people, some even famous. I’ve won and lost awards, gotten to present to groups ranging from 3 to over 300, and traveled to author events all over the South.  I’ve signed autographs. I’ve even dressed in a giant manatee costume for a publicity stunt! It’s been a heck of a ride.

I’ve come to a fork in the proverbial road. I’ve bellyached over this all summer while floating in the steel pond.  I’ve held bovine debates as I’ve racked up pasture mileage…should I pack up my manuscripts and head off to the big city, or should I start my own company right here in the barn and rock the publishing world? I’ve put myself through the wringer as I smashed simmering figs for jar after jar of preserves, asking some pretty sweet questions.  Just because I can (a little kitchen humor there, folks) does that mean I should? Just because I ran down the dream, does that mean I have to keep the pedal down to make some time? Thanks to a whole bunch of thinking, floating, trekking, and a little Tom Petty I got that self-satisfying “pop” to seal the deal.

 After much deliberation and flip-flopping, I have decided to disband the pursuit of blogging glory.  I’m throwing myself off that hamster wheel of generating likes, views, tweets, and insta-stories. It’s time for me to turn my attention to other pots I have a-stewing and other dreams I’d like to run down.  It’s been a fun few years and I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekly musings of Sunday Reader.  

8 thoughts on “Putting a Lid on It… A fond farewell”

  1. Will miss the blogs. Meeting you and reading your books has been a wonderful experience. I am positive you will have a great life on the path(s) you have chosen. Hopefully you will keep publishing and, of course, speaking to my Book Chat group – we meet at the Fairhope Yacht Club and sitting on the porch with you has been delightful. Best wishes!

  2. Well miss the adventures you have on the farm and especially in the swimming pool. Every time I go past my china cabinet I think of you. Keep clear of the snakes and continue trekking.

  3. Your blog will be missed… hoping you’ll continue with your craft, however, as you are such a talented writer!!!!

  4. Rocky your blog will be sadly missed. I always enjoyed reading it as you took real Lillie instances along with other fodder and made it amusing.

    Good luck in your next venture and a successful continuation of what you have been doing. Take care.

  5. Angelina Assanti

    You are a naturally funny writer and I don’t tell that to many people. Actually, I only tell that to myself. 😹 We will all miss your posts but I know all your readers are wishing you great luck in your new endeavors! But, just in case you may ever write a memoir, please keep a journal!

  6. Good luck with new adventures!!I have loved reading your posts Miss you being a Pirate!!! Life at FHS is not the same without you 🙂

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