A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet

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Sometimes I just need to lose myself in a good ‘ole family saga.  Put that family smack dab in the middle of haute Victorian London and I’m hooked.  I’ve read several works by Follett, so I knew I could expect dips, twists, and hairpin turns as I followed the fortunes of the Pilaster family.  I also knew I could expect a birdseye view of the political culture of the times smattered with just enough sex and violence to keep things entertaining.

I was not disappointed.  I love this kind of escapism.  Follett seamlessly weaves history and fiction to create a multidimensional story.  For me, this is just plain fun reading. Follett keeps me turning pages with an almost lightweight suspense.  Oh, the book’s no kiddie ride, but neither is it a heady tome that one has to “think about”.

The book is lengthy enough to spend a little time with, and I think that definitely helps readers build a sort of camaraderie (dare I say relationship) with the characters.  That being said, Follett does not plumb the depths I’d like to explore, particularly with the Pilaster matriarch and the coat-tail hanging Micky Miranda.

Overall, A Dangerous Fortune is an entertaining romp and I would recommend it for people who enjoy sagas.

Rocky  Rates It:  4/5 Stars

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