French Women Don't Get Fat By Mireille Guiliano


Prepare for gushing, fan-girling, and mad props!  This is the most common sense, effective, simply glorious non-diet diet book I’ve ever read!  There, I’ve said it.  Now, you need to understand I’m pretty well-versed in dietary lore.  I’ve flirted with the likes of Pritikin, Atkins, and–Lord, help me–Suzanne Somers.  I’ve sweat to the oldies, boogied with Jazzercise, and pushed it to the edge of Insanity with Shaun T.

I was a lifelong runner until it came time to pay the piper with a bionic knee last summer.  Since my “good” knee is only a couple of injection cycles away from a similar fate, I decided to give up my running shoes and hop a bike.  The truth is that I never really worried about getting fat because I took for granted that I could literally outrun it if push came to shove. My eating habits reflected the same philosophy:  a thirty-mile week covers a multitude of  sins.  I didn’t really believe I could become overweight until I found myself precisely there.

Guiliano describes a similar situation of letting weight sneak up on her in the opening of the book.  Then, she explains precisely what changes she made to shed those extra pounds, not just for some event like a wedding or the upcoming swimsuit season, but forever.  The advice is practical.  The advice is doable.  The advice doesn’t involve mountain-climbers or burpees.  It most certainly doesn’t involve the requisite list of no’s we are accustomed to.  This book will transform your perspective on dieting.

If you’re ready to quit (Yes, I just said QUIT) dieting and still drop those saddlebags, read this book.  If you’re ready to stop obsessing about calories, carbs, fat content, points, etc., read this book.  If you’re ready to learn why French women don’t get fat, read this book.  It will open your eyes to a different mindset about weight management.

This is probably my 4th read of French Women Don’t Get Fat.  I love the positivity it brings.  I also love the recipe for leek soup.  Whether you incorporate the French approach to eating or not, you owe it to yourself to try this soup.  It’s THAT good!

Rocky Rates It:  5/5 Stars!  Best “diet” book I’ve ever read.  The ONLY one I’ve read multiple times.

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