Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

After last week’s disappointing foray into a YA thriller, I was due up for a spooky heavy hitter.  I chose Rice’s Interview With The Vampire. It’s been a long time since I’ve caught myself looking forward to the work whistle so I could get to the joy of reading.  The premise of the story is superb: a vampire tells all in an interview where both the journalist and the reader become enraptured with the compelling tale.

Rice’s story takes us from sultry antebellum New Orleans to lamplit Paris rues as the vampire recounts his internal struggles with both his humanity and inhumanity.  He dispels folklore and treats the accounts of his nocturnal hunts with studied detachment. Rice conjures a sympathetic hero who both terrorizes and tantalizes in his search for meaning.  The relationships are complex as multiple characters buckle under the weight of immortality.

The novel is a gothic love story, but not in the way you think.  No need to worry about sparkly teen heartthrobs playing supernatural baseball to impress some snarly chick (I couldn’t resist just a little dig).  If you haven’t seen the film adaptation of Interview with a Vampire, you’re in luck. The movie was great and features some big-name stars, but the book is even better! If you have seen the movie, you’ll be mesmerized by the depth of the principal characters and Rice’s careful attention to setting. This is one of those rare books that translates well in either medium.

I love a story that blurs the lines between protagonist and antagonist.  I also love a story with dual plotlines. Rice’s story, I think, would make Poe smile.  It is a fine gothic read.

Rocky Rates It

5/5  ★★★★★  
2/5  ★★   Scare-o-meter-I was more fascinated than frightened

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