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I can’t say I’ve read them all, but I have definitely spent a fair amount of throne time with the good folks at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute.  Like fine porcelain, this line of books is sleek and comfortably cool. The vignettes are arranged into 1-3 page articles, perfectly suitable for however long you perch.

Topics for each article vary greatly, from important stuff like the history of bubble gum to the spot-on (and wide-right) predictions of Nostradamus.  You might get to read about developments in tooth filling compounds or competing conspiracy theories regarding Area 51. You can learn about how to grade beef or the lady behind “Where’s the beef?”.  It’s really quite fascinating and presented in comfortable diction that allows for divided attention.

Are you a fan of baseball?  There’s an Uncle John’s reader with everything you ever need to know about America’s favorite pastime.  From pop culture to science and technology, Uncle John has you covered. Seriously, they’ve sold over 15 MILLION copies of bathroom readers.  The reading room is alive and well!

Naturally, you can expect plenty of bathroom humor if you decide to take the plunge into the world of Uncle John. The family throne is no place to get on your high horse, Gentle Reader.  But, there’s more! Now, I’m about to let you in on a little secret. Everybody who knows me well knows that I LOVE trivia. I watch Jeopardy religiously, long for the days Trivial Pursuit makes a comeback, and roll my eyes at multiple choice trivia shows where contestants can phone a friend.  Pshaw!

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series will make you a trivia master!  It’s like Jedi training. All four of my kids have cut their trivial teeth with this series. Dang straight I know a teachable moment when I see one!  Need the royal lines of the British monarchy? Uncle John. Need to know the top export for every South American country? Uncle John. Yoko Ono’s philosophical mantras?  Yep. Uncle John.

Feeling a little more cerebral?  Uncle John offers tomes on history and nature.  I personally enjoy the compilation books like Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary because of the wide range of topics offered and the bonus random trivia tidbits that are found on the bottom of each page.

And the lists!  Y’all know I’m a sucker for listing.  Top 10 or top 5 of anything and I’m in.  Want to know the top 10 songs of the glorious 1980s Hair Metal era? Curious about 5 different methods for cooking oatmeal?  What about the 10 biggest grossing movies of all time? Just sit and read!

If you want to broaden your knowledge base, are looking for great snippets of informational text, or are seeking ways to up your casual conversation game (“Why, yes.  I DO know how long it would take a sip of coffee to travel down a giraffe’s esophagus), Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series is a great resource. I can’t help myself… Uncle John is my #1 for #2!

Here’s a link to the BRI website.  You can enjoy Uncle John online if you’re one to carry your phone on your throne.


Rocky Rates It

5/5  ★★★★★   I LOVE THESE BOOKS!

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