Taking a Curative

    Aside from watching the 12 (I kid you not) tutorials on how to use a planner book to get my life into full focus, I did not indulge in any throw-out-the-old-bring-in-the-new rituals in that glorious blank space between Christmas and New Year’s.  Okay, I did draw out a Dave Ramsey style debt snowball …

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Poisonwood Bible

Rocky Rates It: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

I read Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible several years ago and decided a re-visit was in order.  I was impressed when I approached it from a reader’s perspective, but from a writer’s perspective, the sheer magnitude of Kingsolver’s craft left me–for lack of a better term–fangirling my way through the novel. Kingsolver lays bare five souls, six …

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Rocky's Hurricane Wine Punch

Nate’n To It

  The tailwinds of  Hurricane Nate whistle through the trees this morning, providing a rhythm section to birdsong and punctuated by the cymbal shriek of our guineafowl and the deep baritone bray of Jack the Ass.  Aside from a forgotten wind chime, spread-eagle on the grass, all is as it should be on the farm. …

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Sound and Fury

I washed my vitamins down with a wine cooler yesterday.  It was that kind of week…a week of ups and downs, wins and losses, sin and redemption.  It was the kind of week where I added the being to the doing and came up a little short in every department.  Some weeks go like that, I …

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A Pilgrimage of Sorts

Sometimes I allow myself to engage in fantasies of Heaven.  I hope it’s not sinful because I myopically imagine the Hereafter in completely human terms, but I suppose that’s precisely what God expects.  How egocentrically I picture it all, this wonderful other prepared for my decidedly undeserving reward.  Is it even possible that one day God …

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