Taking a Curative

    Aside from watching the 12 (I kid you not) tutorials on how to use a planner book to get my life into full focus, I did not indulge in any throw-out-the-old-bring-in-the-new rituals in that glorious blank space between Christmas and New Year’s.  Okay, I did draw out a Dave Ramsey style debt snowball …

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Christmas Past

What the Dickens?

  The Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet To Come swirled about the classroom as the genius of Dickens wrought its magic.  Sure, the students understood allusions to Scrooge, but I was surprised by their corporate ignorance of the plot line (and, consequently, the message) of A Christmas Carol.  After using a combo of rich …

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Mug Shot

Piddling Things

  “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” “It’s all small stuff.” “Don’t let things get to you.” “Don’t bottle it up.  Speak your mind!” Stand up.  Sit down.  Follow the rules.  Forge your own path.  Be happy.  Life’s not all sunshine and glitter.  Differentiate while you standardize! Carbs will make you fat.  Carbs will give you energy. …

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Rocky's Hurricane Wine Punch

Nate’n To It

  The tailwinds of  Hurricane Nate whistle through the trees this morning, providing a rhythm section to birdsong and punctuated by the cymbal shriek of our guineafowl and the deep baritone bray of Jack the Ass.  Aside from a forgotten wind chime, spread-eagle on the grass, all is as it should be on the farm. …

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A Quiet Moment

Slipping the Vortex

It’s mid-September and I’m caught–even though I swore I wouldn’t let myself get this way again–in the vortex.  It’s not a matter of poor planning.  Those of you who know me well enough to forgive me for my quirks know that whenever someone comments on one of my “OCD” tendencies, I am quick to respond that …

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Adventures of the Amazing Fat-Burning Machine

  If you look up the word skeptic in the dictionary, don’t be surprised to see my face sporting that “Yeah, right” look.  So, when I first heard about Ultra-Slim light therapy treatments I laughed and went on munching my chips and salsa.  Then, I started reading and researching about Ultra-Slim and my curiosity was piqued. …

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