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I haven’t been happier the first weekend of a January in years!  God-willing, I’ll hit the half-century mark in 2019 and, at this moment at least, I am more comfortable in my own skin than ever.  After the organizational debacle and resulting general exhaustion that defined my 2018, I’ve turned the corner and restored my drive.  

I was so worn out I just turned my back on the year by eschewing my annual How Did I Suck and What Can I Do to Get Better self-evaluation.  I didn’t even read or watch any of those Year in Review pieces that litter the week after Christmas like spent wrapping paper on the living room floor.  Then I had one of those seminal realizations…an epiphany…an aha moment as I prepped my calendars, lists, files, etc. for the new year and it has made a surprising difference.  For the first time in forever I resolved not to resolve jack!

No diet.  No quitting Coca-Cola for the umpteenth time.  Did you, Gentle Reader, post your resolutions on social media?  I scrolled on by! No exercise program. No I”ll put a dollar in the jar every time I say “suck” pledge.  Did I revamp the Read the Bible in a Year schedule to get it done in six months? No! Did I copy Martha Stewart’s housekeeping cycle adjusting for a decidedly lower tax bracket and dearth of hired help?  No! 

Here’s the kicker:  in committing myself to being noncommittal, I eradicated the pressure of suckdom (Yeah, we’re up to 3 bucks in just this post, I know). I’m not spending my first weekend testing, cursing, or losing my resolve. I’m not pining away for a Twinkie or hiding a secret stash of Cokes in the barn fridge.  I’m not spending my weekend playing catch-up!

Perhaps I’m just ornery.  Perhaps this is a sign of that midlife crisis psychobabble or the impending “Change of life”.  Fact is, I’ve been more productive this week than I have in a long time. I’ve exercised more…and had fun doing it.  I’ve only had 3 Cokes all week…and enjoyed them all. My house is relatively clean; the laundry’s actually caught up; I’m pretty right with the Lord.   

Telling all those empty resolutions to take a hike has put the spring back in my step and cleared away the funk gumming up my real resolve.  I’ve got a feeling 2019’s going to be a heck of a ride.

Here’s to a great new year!  

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