2 Cellos

The 80s have met their match at last

When it comes to music, I am unapologetically stuck in a hairspray-fogged 1980s time warp.  Do you remember rockin’ with Dokken? I’m still belting those tunes in the shower! As a kid,  I marveled over how much my mama loved Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, how much my daddy loved The Four Seasons (Valli, not Vivaldi), and how my Meemaw was a fool for Conway Twitty.  Sylvia’s mother, Sherry-baby, and Hello Darlin’ were practically part of the family.

I hope my kids associate their childhood with some of my favorites. I hope they listen to enough music to someday realize a good bit of that sage advice I dish out is cribbed from the likes of Def Leppard, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, and Van Halen.   Power ballads make excellent lullabies, Gentle Reader!

Don’t worry.  I’m getting to the fellows with the cellos.  It’s just taking me a minute. So, I was crunching away at numbers the other day when the worm ate into my brain.  I was way beyond the boundaries of the pride lands in data and started yearning for freedom from the windowless vault that is my office.  Thinking of freedom reminded me of William Wallace (or Mel Gibson), and I found myself contemplating whether evisceration might indeed be a mercy compared to the task at hand.  I suddenly became inspired to wallow in my despair by playing that haunting theme from Braveheart, “For the Love of a Princess”.  This was a good choice since most folks recognize the flute riff on that wrenching Titanic song and it would be obvious that I was in deep water.  That’s how I discovered Two Cellos!

This musical duo is masterful, plying their instruments with the ease of Eddie Van Halen shredding all six strings on “Eruption”.  As Bill and Ted would say, these dudes are most excellent. The Braveheart cover was working its magic, and I was making some real headway with all those statistics.  All of the sudden, though, I was thunderstruck. No, really! The you-tuber advanced to the next song, and these fellows were playing AC/DC…on cellos!  All the numbers flew right out of my head as I flipped the screen to reveal a bizarre video set in the 18th century.  These fellows were in doublets and ruffs.  Smoke was flying from their fingertips as they rosined up their bows.  The camera zoomed in and Good Grannies Alive! These guys were as smoking hot as their playing.  They would be easy on the eyes in any century.

Speaking of centuries, they cover the theme from Game of Thrones. Cellos. Chain mail. Capes.  Oh, my. Their stylized videos are as mesmerizing as their music.  The emoting tight shots make playing the cello seem, well…challengingly interesting.  The range of selections is impressive. Celine (You bet they do the one from Titanic!) to Shereen; wedding worthy to “Welcome to the Jungle”.

I may be late coming to this party.  That 1980s stuff is a hard habit to break; but I believe I’m high on a new thing!  2 Cellos!

Rocky Rates It

5/5  ★★★★★ high enough/all the way!

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