Rocky Porch Moore

Award-winning horror with a distinctly Southern flavor

Award-Winning Horror with a Distinctly Southern Style

“A modern Faulkner with a European twist.”

S.R. Staley, author of The Pirate of Panther Bay series

“The writing is at once personal and universal. It is both ode and a cautionary tale, as distinct as a memory and intimate as a family secret.”

Jaeme Haviland, author of Goldhead

“Moore’s writing reminded me of Stephen King….Just the right amount of suspense, laughter, shock, anguish, and tears to keep a reader turning the pages”

Zelle Andrews, author of Paisley Memories

Clicks & Clucks

Gripes My Guts | A Crying Grandma, Social Media, and a Rogue Apostrophe

I have a litany of gripes about what people post on Facebook, but I suddenly realized that it would lead to nothing but a bickering battle much like those days when my kid brother and I went toe-to-toe on everything from who was the better athlete to who had the most hotdogs in their SpaghettiOs.

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Louisiana Book Festival

Nov 10 Baton Rouge LA

Rocky will be making the road trip along with SYP Publishing to Baton Rouge for this fun festival at the foot of the Louisiana State Capitol.

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