Rocky Porch Moore

Award-winning horror with a distinctly Southern flavor

Award-Winning Horror with a Distinctly Southern Style

“A modern Faulkner with a European twist.”

S.R. Staley, author of The Pirate of Panther Bay series

“The writing is at once personal and universal. It is both ode and a cautionary tale, as distinct as a memory and intimate as a family secret.”

Jaeme Haviland, author of Goldhead

“Moore’s writing reminded me of Stephen King….Just the right amount of suspense, laughter, shock, anguish, and tears to keep a reader turning the pages”

Zelle Andrews, author of Paisley Memories

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Putting a Lid on It… A fond farewell

Putting a Lid on It… A fond farewell

After much deliberation and flip-flopping, I have decided to disband the pursuit of blogging glory. It’s been a fun few years and I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekly musings of Sunday Reader.

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