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One of the fun parts of this whole writing she-bang is participating in author appearances.  I get to talk about my work, schmooze with other folks crazy enough to pursue the written word, sign autographs for starstruck patrons (well, every now and then somebody makes out like writing a book is a big deal), and sometimes get perks like free wine!

This weekend I visited My Favorite Books in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida along with other authors from Southern Yellow Pine Publishing for a winey/cheesy/champagne-rific celebration.  The folks at My Favorite Books were more than gracious, and it’s a great bookstore.  You can check them out at  I recommend you stop by if you’re in Tallahassee.  There are plenty of neat things to see and do in the vicinity, including a Trader Joe’s and Island Wing Company.    We ate after the shindig at Island Wings.  I had the Tiki Torch Wings.  If you like ’em hot, these will put sweat on your forehead and tears in your eyes!

It’s four hours of nothing but interstate between home and Tallahassee.  The most exciting part of the drive was flipping through radio stations and finding some 80s pop.  I alternated that with classical…when I go classical, I’m really getting stir crazy.  I did make a pit stop at the Chautaugua Vineyard & Winery because I’ve always wanted to stop when we’re driving through the area, but the timing’s never right.  I picked up my summer wine supply and made a fantastic discovery!  I love reading historical fiction, especially stories set in the Regency period.  A common motif involves women sneaking nips of port.  Well, I bought some port at the winery and I can totally see why.  That stuff is delicious!

I almost stopped on the way home to explore a bonsai tree nursery  I’ve had my eye on for years, but by the time I had driven that far I was like a horse turned to barn with my heart set on home.  Maybe next time…unless I’m out of port!

Be sure to check out the eclectic books by my SYP friends.  If you like crime fiction, go with William Mark.  Zelle Andrews and Pat Stanford will tug at your heartstrings in totally different ways.  Michael Kinnett has your regional history fix and, of course, you know mine is good for a scare.  If you’ll click on “Buy Clemenceau’s Daughters” up on the search bar, you can go directly to the SYP site and find these authors of whom I’m proud to call my friends.

It’s a Make-Under!

Creepy Doll
High school artist gives doll a much-needed face.

The creepy doll who rides shotgun to book festivals with me, mainly because I’m too much of a chicken to put her in the backseat, has gotten a new look.  She was scary enough without a face, but now she’s positively terrifying!  She attracts quite a bit of attention at the kiosk and now she may inspire nightmares as well.  That’s the idea, you know… a little added curb appeal for those horror fans out there.

Little Debbie Ballard hates dolls.  She hates dolls because they talk to her in the night, and they don’t make for pleasant conversationalists.  I found this beauty of a spooky doll sitting in a child’s desk outside a country thrift shop.  She was dressed in pink organza with lace, but needed a fashion update.  I found her just the right duds in the toddler section of Walmart, but lacked the artistic skill to grant her a face.  My first attempt involved candy pieces and hot glue, but the Louisiana Book Festival proved way too hot.  The doll came home minus an eye, making her look more run-down than scary.   I needed the doll to take on a more sinister attitude that wouldn’t melt off in a hot car because frankly,  this thing is not welcome in my house.

Student Kenzie Jones came to the rescue by painting this fantastic visage on the doll.  I wanted it to look, well, dead.  Let’s just say the creep factor has gone WAY up for this eye-catcher.

Rocky Rates It! The Wildflower Girls by Mullen Dale

wildflowerMullen Dale captures female adult friendship poignantly and effectively in her romantic thriller. Never campy, but always relatable, I found myself wanting to be admitted into the circle of Wildflower Girls. This is decidedly not the “it” crowd at the high school lunchroom table all grown up and vamping it through adulthood to be seen. This is a group of women tempered by experience facing both the best and worst life has to offer head on. From the imprudent Harlyn who fights for respect in a male-dominated career to the indomitable Chrysanthemum who powers through grief and a mother’s horror, the Wildflower Girls are multidimensional.

The banter between the Wildflower Girls and the men who claim them is authentic, at times either heartrending or hilarious, and quintessentially Southern. I am reminded of a darker, grittier version of the Steel Magnolias. The pacing of the novel is quick and the sequence deftly avoids the pitfall of miring up in backstory. I am very much looking forward to Dale’s next installment of The Wildflower Girls saga.

Rocky Rates It! Paula by Isabel Allende


I expected Paula to be wrenching, but what I did not expect was the equivalent of a graduate course in both effective description and the melding of the personal and public. I stopped multiple times in the reading to just sit in awe of the literary skill on display. Allende is a true master who made me feel the anguish of a mother, both for a diseased daughter and a diseased nation. This memoir is a must-read, not just for the story itself, but for its artistic expertise.

I gave this book 5 stars!

Unsafe on Any Campus?

Unsafe on Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can ... by Samuel R. Staley
Unsafe on Any Campus? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do about It
by Samuel R. Staley, Ruth Krug (Foreword)


Rocky Moore‘s review

Apr 27, 2017  ·  edit

I read this book over a series of lunch duty stints at a public high school, making the issue of college campus sexual assault all the more poignant as I observed teens navigating their way through supervised social situations. Staley not only captures the current campus culture these teens will enter in a no-holds-barred manner for this emotionally-charged topic, but offers viable methods for tackling endemic actions and attitudes these young adults will face, both individually and systemically.

I recommend this book particularly for parents of students about to enter the collegiate arena and for those colleges not already addressing these very real, damaging situations proactively.

Alabama Book Festival 2017


I had a great time on a gorgeous day meeting cartoon characters, costumed authors, and droves of folks strolling the aisles at the festival.  Four different venues featured a variety of author readings, workshops, and activities.  We were fortunate to have a booth just steps away from the main speaking area and the shortcut to the food court, so there was plenty of foot traffic our way.

It was tough smelling that fine BBQ from the food truck all day.  I could not resist the roasted corn and enjoyed a piping hot ear!  They also had a gourmet popsicle truck.  I couldn’t resist that, either.

The highlight of the day (aside from schmoozing up to Clifford the Big Red Dog) was getting to visit with my son, who attends a nearby college.  He brought chicken fingers!  Things slowed down considerably once game time arrived.  The annual University of Alabama A-Day game was Saturday as well.

Here’s the official info for you:


Southern Yellow Pine Publishing appeared at the Alabama Book Festival April 22, 2017, bringing along 3 authors:  Pat Stanford, Ken Johnson, and me.  Visit to purchase  books.  Use Rocky’s Buy Clemenceau’s Daughters button above for a direct link where you’ll be able to find all three of these books.

Pat Stanford:  Fixing Boo-Boo, an emotional look at the trials and triumphs of a family caring for a loved one suffering from traumatic brain injury.  (creative nonfiction)

Ken Johnson:  Unbroken Circles for Schools, a comprehensive plan for restorative justice (education)

Rocky Porch Moore:  Clemenceau’s Daughters,  winner of  3 FAPA President’s Awards for horror, general fiction, and literary fiction- a southern gothic romp across generations where the sins of the mothers cling to the daughters. (fiction)




Walmart picks up Clemenceau’s Daughters!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.00.16 PM

Forget Cloud 9!  I’ve been over the moon since getting the great news last night that Little Debbie Ballard gets to hang out at  What’s so cool about being an author is the tremendous thrill and feeling of validation that comes when a major company decides to carry your work.  It’s so hard to believe that it’s been right at a year since the awesome folks at SYP Publishing decided to give Clemenceau’s Daughters a shot. From the getgo, they have been consummate professionals and I am so thankful that I found exactly the right publisher to make a lifelong dream into reality.

As any good Southern girl knows, if Walmart doesn’t have it you don’t really need it.  My book’s at Walmart, y’all!  Clemenceau’s Daughters  has arrived!

Down Home on the Farm…A Peek Behind the Making of Clemenceau’s Daughters


Click on the link below to see this video!

Contact Dusty Cole, RE/MAX of Orange Beach AL for all your area real estate needs.  Be sure to visit his website at or give him a call 251-213-8504

The coolest part of this story is that I taught Dusty back when he was just a cute little 7th grader and then again in high school.  It is so awesome to see “my kids” come back home to Baldwin County and build their own successful careers.  The videographer, Zack Santa Cruz, is another one of my former students!


Rocky’s Calendar

Rocky is pleased to speak at area book clubs and civic meetings.  During the school year (August-May), Rocky is available for late afternoon or evening book clubs/meetings.  Summertime is more flexible!  Contact Rocky at to schedule a visit.



APRIL 2017

22:  Alabama Book Festival  Montgomery, AL

MAY 2017

20:  Bubbles and Books @ My Favorite Books Tallahassee, FL

30, 31:  Book Expo America New York, NY

JUNE 2017

1,2,3:  Book Expo America New York, NY


Florida Authors & Publishers Annual Conference  Orlando, FL


3, 4, 5, 6, 7:  St. George Island Writers’ Retreat  St. George Island, FL



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