Curse Words

Cussin’ a Blue Streak

A good friend tweaked my nose by passing along a post about some teacher allowing his students to use expletives in his classroom and how the dude argued some weak-as-water pedagogically circumspect poppycock as to why that ought to be just peachy.

A Solitary Daffodil

If you wanna fiddle with writing, you gotta have a “pen” in your hand. It takes a lot of hours, determination, and brain sweat to coax a ream’s worth of words into coherence; that’s why it’s a craft.

Lemon Blossoms and Azaleas

It’s easy to get lost in the glory of springtime in Lower Alabama.  If you’re from around here, turn off that TV and get yourself outside. It’ll warm your soul.  If you’re not, come on down before the humidity sets in and treat yourself to the most beautiful time of year.